RuneLite Core

All the contributions I've made to the core RuneLite client.

Door Kicker

Could be considered the first successful meme plugin, and it's still bringing the joy of kicking doors open to users even after all this time.

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Status: Near-Perfection


A plugin to allow users to look like they're wearing whatever they want, whenever they want.

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Status: v1.3 released

Contextual Cursor

A plugin to bring back RSHD/RS3's image cursors.

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Status: Equivalence to RSHD

Trailblazer Clues

A plugin to help players figure out which regions were needed for each clue during Trailblazer League.

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Status: Obsolete

External Plugins

All my plugin hub plugins in a single repo. Change brances to see each of them.


2D Game Engine

A 2D Game Engine built with Python 3, Cython, and C++ using the SFML framework. Created as the final year project at University.

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Status: Complete


Screenshot & GIF/Video recording program for Linux, with a ShareX-like window for previewing what you're going to capture. GPU-accelerated on AMD cards (potentially).

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Status: Usable

Best Nibbler

A notification bot for Discord, built with Python 3 & Asyncio, with deployment though Docker.

Status: Needs a cleanup


This website! Feel free to suggest changes.

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Status: Ongoing


A feature-port of Das Keyboard's Q software that can work on any keyboard. Built in Python 3 with a plugin system for modular addition of features.

Status: Missing core Q features


A personal project that reduces the size of my music library so it will fit on my phone. Built with Python 3.

Status: Nearly feature-complete


A feature-port of LiveSplit to Linux, using Python 3.9 and Qt5.

Status: In early stages