A Twitch chat moderation bot, built in Python 3. Uses Asyncio, PostgreSQL, and ØMQ

Status: Re-writing

2D Game Engine

A 2D Game Engine built with Python 3, Cython, and C++ using the SFML framework. Created as the final year project at University

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Status: Complete

Oldschool Runescape Pet List Generator

Generates fancy images for collectible items from OldSchool Runescape. Prototyped in Python 3, made accessible with JavaScript

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Status: Finished

Best Nibbler

A notification bot for Discord, built with Python 3, NodeJS, ØMQ, and Asyncio

Status: Re-writing


A Discord Bot that allows Roles to persist when users re-join. Built in Python 3.5

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Status: Proof of Concept


This website! Feel free to suggest changes.

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Status: Ongoing



All the contributions I've made to the RuneLite client