Hello there

I'm Enriath.
You probably know / knew me by other names.
I used to make things; a lot of things. People still use & love those things.
These days I barely seem to do anything that I can be proud of.
I guess the things I'm most proud of these days are aria, my music library compactor for use on my phone, and maybe aqpw. Maybe.
I'm not sure if either are both public & up to date, and I honestly don't care to check.

I'm proud of what I've made in the past, all the tools & toys that are still used & loved by hundreds of thousands of people today, but looking back at it all hurts deeply.
I'm still around, and I'm still doing stuff, but more limited, and less of it overall. I'm mostly playing a specific game, and making things for that.
My repos are still below, after all, and I do still use them occasionally, but I do make a lot of stuff locally without ever pushing.

Burnout is a real bitch, and this lady is more char than anything at this point. I need a break.

Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG...